An Insider Look into the Role of a Leasing Consultant

The apartment industry is rich in opportunity and is an excellent pathway for professionals seeking to make a mark. Within this dynamic field, the role of a leasing consultant is transformative, providing the front-line interface between prospective residents and their potential homes. Leasing consultants, a position often initiated through temporary assignments, offers an exciting avenue to career growth and development.

Premier Placements stands at the forefront of this journey, facilitating a seamless transition from temp roles to permanent positions within the apartment space. Our dedicated approach sets you up with the necessary skills and experience to embed you in a network of professionals and employers eager to appreciate your capabilities.

From Temporary Roles to Permanent Success

The transition from temporary assignments to permanent positions in the apartment industry reflects a dedication to growth from those who want more in their career development. Premier Placements prides itself on being a pivotal partner in the passage to success — offering support, guidance, and opportunities to those ready to dive into the world of property management.

Here’s what professionals have experienced with Premier Placements:

  • Yasmina S. – “I am thrilled to share my fantastic experience with Premier Placements. This is my second time working with them, and I couldn’t be happier. From day one, they’ve been incredibly organized and kept me busy with meaningful work. The onboarding process was seamless, and their efficiency stood out. What sets them apart is their understanding of personal time needs. They were supportive when I needed time off, fostering a positive work environment and trust. Moreover, Premier not only focuses on temporary assignments but also helped me find a permanent job. Their commitment to long-term success sets them apart. I highly recommend Premier Placements and their professionalism, flexibility, and commitment to their employees’ growth.”
  • Katelyn Z. – “What a great experience with Premier! I went in with no experience as a leasing consultant, but they give you the tools to set you up for success. They have online classes you can take to prepare for the role. The staff was very responsive and receptive to your placement and the area you want to stay nearby. Highly recommend.”
  • Haji – “I have so much gratitude for Premiere Placements. I received their information via a leasing consultant at a property I visited. Ebru walked me through the process and was very helpful! They are quick and efficient and will put you on track to start your career in multifamily.”
  • Desiree A. – “What I liked best about working at Premier Placement was the staff! The staff genuinely cared about me being placed not only in a permanent position, but about me learning the business to be a good candidate for a leasing position by giving me quality assignments! They were quick and efficient with communicating with me any pertinent information at the request of the temp employer and general information.”

Employer Experiences Matter

It’s crucial not only to hear from Premier employees but also to understand the expectations and experiences of the clients we serve. This dual perspective ensures a well-rounded view of the leasing consultant’s role and our impact in the field.

Here’s what employers have experienced with Premier Placements

  • Jessica G. – “The caliber of people they send is fantastic. We recently hired our temp on as a full-time assistant manager.”
  • Kimberly B. – “I love the team members you send to me for help. They came in and took care of us, and I will always use Premier Placements.”
  • Kelli S. – “Premier recruits people well. They have higher standards than any other temp agency I have ever worked with. The best in the business!”
  • Jessica J. – “Premier has sent some awesomely qualified candidates.”

On-the-Job Advice from Premier Placements Team

Success in the role of a leasing consultant requires more than just showing up; it demands a proactive approach to every aspect of the job. A dedicated member of the Premier Placements team offers these key tips for aspiring leasing consultants:

  1. Don’t be afraid to Google and familiarize yourself with the terms of the apartment industry. It’s the first step toward building confidence and credibility.
  2. Professionalism and Punctuality. Show up early, prepared to work. Your attitude and professionalism set you apart from the start.
  3. Understand Your Role. Clarify your daily goals and tasks. Knowing what’s expected helps you focus your efforts effectively.
  4. Learn About the Property. Being knowledgeable about the amenities and unique features of the property enables you to conduct thorough and engaging tours.
  5. Stay Informed. Keep up to date with unit availability and any operational changes. This ensures you provide accurate information to prospective residents.
  6. Engage with the Team. Build connections with all staff members. A supportive network enhances teamwork and service delivery.
  7. Focus and Dedication. Your commitment to your role, including staying off personal devices during work hours, showcases you are there to provide value for your team and to enhance the resident experience.

Adopting these strategies is essential to developing a long-term career in multifamily housing. Each tip is designed to elevate your professional development, improve your day-to-day effectiveness, and ensure you’re well-prepared to transition from a temporary assignment to a permanent position.

Your Premier Career Awaits

From temporary roles that provide a glimpse into the life of a leasing consultant to permanent positions that offer a platform for growth and achievement, Premier Placements is your go-to partner in achieving your goals. Connect with us today and discover how we can help you unlock doors to new opportunities and contribute to the exciting community of the apartment industry.