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Shelby Weidler
Shelby WeidlerPresident
Shelby Weidler began her career in property management back in 1995. From leasing to bookkeeping to management duties and ultimately, to industry staffing responsibilities, Shelby has honed her candidate-searching skills. In 2004, motivated to find jobs for people, she opened the doors of Premier Placements.

Within the Atlanta community, Shelby is well-known and respected. Her vibrant and active interest in the Atlanta Apartment Association provides endless opportunities to network. Shelby ranked in the Membership Committee’s top ten overall every single year from 2005 – 2014. She was recognized as Ambassador of the Year in 2006 and Associate of the Year in 2012.

Shelby believes in finding people jobs and keeping it that way – choosing Shelby means choosing success.

Donald Weidler
Donald WeidlerChief Financial Officer
Donald Weidler has an education and background in real estate, and a 20+ year career spent in information technology and systems. Using his extensive experience, Donald implements tools and processes that make sense and develops solutions that improve efficiency and productivity.

At Premier Placements, Donald oversees the broad spectrum of accounting, finance, information technology and risk management. He’s harnessed his expertise in everything from accounting to training to IT management, networking, and infrastructure. With those skills, he wrote a custom web application used by the Premier Placements team to streamline their workflow process giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

With Donald behind you, you can’t lose.

What our candidates are saying about us…

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4.9 Stars - Based on 81 User Reviews
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5 Stars - Based on 19 User Reviews
  • Shanika Lavender Avatar
    Shanika Lavender

    Tema has been so helpful she is my go to person when I need help onsite I know that I... read more

    Shanika Lavender Avatar
    Shanika Lavender

    Tema has been so helpful she is my go to person when I need help onsite I know that I... read more

    Francisco Mariano Avatar
    Francisco Mariano

    I want to thank you guys for the opportunity to be able to work in this company, I developed and... read more

  • Dawn Stephens Avatar
    Dawn Stephens

    Tema is incredibly professional and she is always quick to respond to your questions.

    Francisco Mariano Avatar
    Francisco Mariano

    I want to thank you guys for the opportunity to be able to work in this company, I developed and... read more

    Monique McMiller Avatar
    Monique McMiller
    positive review 

    Exceptional company to work for in the property management industry.

  • asya myrick Avatar
    asya myrick

    Had a Family emergency today so I let the assistant property manager know. The lady sign my paper and everything.... read more

    asya myrick Avatar
    asya myrick

    Had a Family emergency today so I let the assistant property manager know. The lady sign my paper and everything.... read more

    Charlene Holloway Avatar
    Charlene Holloway

    Tema always goes above and beyond to find us the perfect fit for our needs.I recommend this company highly.

  • Jerone Chandrakumar Avatar
    Jerone Chandrakumar

    Brea Smith Avatar
    Brea Smith

    I came here after reading reviews and saw that you did not need experience to work here. Two days after... read more

    Jillian Cornwall Avatar
    Jillian Cornwall

    Premier Placements was a great company to work for as someone who had no leasing experience. Tema Campbell was my... read more

  • Shandrika Henson Avatar
    Shandrika Henson

    The exceptional customer service experience I have received from Tema as been breathtaking. She has gone over and beyond to... read more

    Optimist Lofts Manager Avatar
    Optimist Lofts Manager

    Tema Campbell is the best of the best!!!! She will always put you first and take care of any issue... read more

    Antonio Jones Avatar
    Antonio Jones

    Tema was very helpful when needing help. She sent people that was very helpful when needed. Thanks... read more

  • Nicole Paulee Avatar
    Nicole Paulee

    I had a great experience! This is not your average temp agency! They truly help you find a good fit... read more

    Tiffany Shoemake Avatar
    Tiffany Shoemake

    Tema, there are not enough words for me to express how thankful I am for you and your team. ... read more

    Louie Williams Avatar
    Louie Williams

  • Nayeli Cruz Avatar
    Nayeli Cruz

    Best people to work with! So organized and professional

    Lordfrecoholly The Flavor God Avatar
    Lordfrecoholly The Flavor God

    Premier is a great place to work and be a part of. They are professional, kind, understanding, have always done... read more

    Me Avatar

    Everyone at Premier was most pleasant to deal with. Found me work right away and paid promptly. The interview process... read more

  • Delmi Cuellar Avatar
    Delmi Cuellar
    positive review 

    Great place to work for. Tema and her team have done an amazing job with communicating with each and everyone... read more

    Me Avatar

    Everyone at Premier was most pleasant to deal with. Found me work right away and paid promptly. The interview process... read more

    Quint Maddox Avatar
    Quint Maddox

    They kept me working up until I found a permanent job and the pay was excellent!!!

  • S J Avatar
    S J

    Premier Placements is the first temp agency I’ve worked with that has proven they are worth their salt. Although my... read more

    Jay Mounir Avatar
    Jay Mounir

    Work assignments were always available. Lines of communication were excellent. Information and guidance were always a text or call away.

    Katie Adams Seagraves Avatar
    Katie Adams Seagraves
    positive review 

    They have always been so helpful! I love Tema and her dedication in helping me fill my open positions at... read more

  • Angelique Bedwell Avatar
    Angelique Bedwell

    I absolutely love doing business with Premier Placements! Thus far we have hired 3 of their maintenance candidates and... read more

    Ty Washington Avatar
    Ty Washington

    I absolutely found Premier Placement to be a blessing and the best resource during my career transition. The staff was... read more

    T Stuard Avatar
    T Stuard

    I don’t even know where to began. Shelby and her Staff has been the most amazing placement agency I’ve ever... read more

  • Eboni Jackson Avatar
    Eboni Jackson

    TEMA, TEMA, TEMA!! Any and everything I need Tema has been able to assist me. It doesn't what... read more

    Josh Reed Avatar
    Josh Reed

    Great company! I worked with them for about a month and then got hired on at the second property I... read more


    This place was my breath of fresh air.They believed in me and lead me to my greatness. Very genuine company... read more

  • Bruce Williamson Avatar
    Bruce Williamson

    Gail Parker Avatar
    Gail Parker

    I have been working with Premier Placements for several years and have always received excellent service. They always go... read more

    jovan boyd Avatar
    jovan boyd

    Thank you Tema&Sarita for helping me find a permanent job. I always recommend premier to everyone looking for employment. Thank... read more

  • DAWN BRIGHT Avatar

    I have been working with Tema for several months and my experience has been great. I received top notch service... read more

    Beno Burden Avatar
    Beno Burden

    Abayomi Ashiru Avatar
    Abayomi Ashiru

    I wasn’t sure at first (before I took the offer), but I am thankful and grateful I signed up for... read more

  • Louna Pierre Avatar
    Louna Pierre

    Daniel Matyniak Avatar
    Daniel Matyniak

    Professional associates, professional staff, a pleasure to work with!

    Ellen Phonn Avatar
    Ellen Phonn

    The staff at Premier Placements are very professional, organized and flexible with scheduling. They have an extensive interview process to... read more

  • Jarred Stone Avatar
    Jarred Stone

    Nicole & Ladawn are the nicest & most professional people I’ve had the pleasure of coming into contact with at... read more

    Gail Parker Avatar
    Gail Parker

    I have been working with Premier Placements for several years and have always received excellent service. They always go... read more

    Jerome Bloomfield Avatar
    Jerome Bloomfield

    Worked with Premier placements for some months. During my time with the company it was a very pleasant experience. The... read more

  • Megan Walton Avatar
    Megan Walton

    Shelby at Premier Placements helped me get my first "real" job at 18 leasing apartments. She helped groom me and... read more

    Ian Graham Avatar
    Ian Graham

    Nicole and LaDawn were very helpful and pleasant, I enjoyed submitting my paperwork through them. Cherrelle hosted a great interview,... read more

    Farid Ahmadov Avatar
    Farid Ahmadov

    Tema is just great , i enjoyed working with her.

  • Joy Marketing Avatar
    Joy Marketing

    Alithea Melendez Avatar
    Alithea Melendez

    I had absolutely no experience, they worked with me in a timely manner, helped find a wonderful location, and have... read more

    Valley Glenwood Avatar
    Valley Glenwood

  • Forest Cove Manager Avatar
    Forest Cove Manager

    Angelique Tate Avatar
    Angelique Tate

    Shelby has most certainly exceeded my expectations! I had a gentleman reach out to me regarding his desire to enter... read more

    Carlos Marroquin Avatar
    Carlos Marroquin

    Very responsive, very professional and always working to meet the need of the client. There was an instance where... read more

  • T Carroll Avatar
    T Carroll

    Working with Premier Placements has been a great experience. They are extremely responsive and have been able to assist us... read more

    George Puicar Avatar
    George Puicar

    Premier Placements has a great team of recruiters and i enjoyed working with Tema Campbell. They will be placing... read more

    675 North Highland Manager Avatar
    675 North Highland Manager

    My community has been using Premier Placements for almost 3 years and can't say enough good things about the staff... read more

  • Solace On Peachtree Property Manager Avatar
    Solace On Peachtree Property Manager

    We love Premier Placements at Solace on Peachtree. I have used them on countless occasions and they never disappoint. They... read more

    Ben Barteaux Avatar
    Ben Barteaux

    We used Premier Placements during a our search for the next permanent maintenance team member. Tema, recruiter at Premier,... read more

    Mr Frank Avatar
    Mr Frank

    It's an amazing experience I enjoyed you guys and thanks for the progress you made for me and I recommend... read more

  • Marielena Collado Avatar
    Marielena Collado

    My time at Premier Placements was great. Anyone that is looking to have helpful and understand work balance... read more

    Jonathan Leuzarder Avatar
    Jonathan Leuzarder

    Great agency started working immediately and found permanent work through them. Also got to try out several different properties... read more

    Ysabel Montilla Avatar
    Ysabel Montilla

    The staff is great and professional. They will do their best to keep you working, and will try to match... read more

  • Cameron Butler Avatar
    Cameron Butler

    Awesome team! Tema and the team were very pleasant.

    Jar Mane Avatar
    Jar Mane

    I have had a pleasurable experience so far. I am busy and that has been very important to me. I... read more

    Monique Mcmiller Avatar
    Monique Mcmiller

    The company is effective and efficient.The management team is very professional and productive.The pay is extremely marketable for specializing in... read more

  • Francisco Mariano Avatar
    Francisco Mariano

    Amanda Glaister Avatar
    Amanda Glaister

    April Sponsler, my recruiter has taken care of me more than I would ever dream. She is kind and... read more

    Oak Town Avatar
    Oak Town

  • Darrell Jackson Avatar
    Darrell Jackson

    corey handcock Avatar
    corey handcock

    Hello, this is David C.Handcock and I want to say Alyssa from premier Placements LLC. Is a great manager,... read more

    Cesar Fland Avatar
    Cesar Fland

  • david blair Avatar
    david blair

    "I know who will put me to work", is my motto. When companies talk about laying off, I never... read more

    Byron Williams Avatar
    Byron Williams

    The best experience I've ever worked for in in the 18 years of my life. Can't wait to see what... read more

    Lieut Samuel Nwoke Avatar
    Lieut Samuel Nwoke
    positive review 

    I love the professionalism exhibited by the staff, my best manager so far still remains Alyssia. the team always... read more

  • Suzie Amr Avatar
    Suzie Amr

    Lita F Avatar
    Lita F

    The recruiting team is professional and supportive. I can see myself developing further professionally.

    Victor Broughton Avatar
    Victor Broughton

    An amazing company that believes in hiring quality people. Thank you Premier for giving me an opportunity.

  • Shawn A. White Avatar
    Shawn A. White

    What am awesome company that i was a part. As long as you have a willing mindset to work and... read more

    Kaleaner Davis Avatar
    Kaleaner Davis

    I loved working for the Nice, professional, and dependable company

    Beba Contreras Avatar
    Beba Contreras

    Highly recommend Premier because they really care about their employees and honesty. They really let the people grow in a... read more

  • niquia reed Avatar
    niquia reed

    What I like most about Premier Placement is that they showed genuine interest me my needs. They were always so... read more

    Bru Will Avatar
    Bru Will

    Hands down premiere is one of the greatest places to begin your job Adventures. In addition to great pay the... read more

    Jo Fusco Avatar
    Jo Fusco

    Working with Premier has been a pleasure, the team is always responsive to the communities needs and helps when they... read more

  • Michael Paul Grose Avatar
    Michael Paul Grose

    I worked for Premier Placements as a Groundskeeper, and within two months of temporary work, I was... read more

    Quint Maddox Avatar
    Quint Maddox

    Great company to work for!!! Had me working within 3 days aftee the interview. I highly recommend them.

    Susan Lenore Roberts Avatar
    Susan Lenore Roberts

  • Eucaris 'Beba' Contreras Avatar
    Eucaris 'Beba' Contreras
    positive review 

    I really love working at Premier it’s the best place to work with a great professional team, flexible, and they... read more

    MrsQuia Reed Avatar
    MrsQuia Reed

    Premier placements was 1 of the best companies I have every worked for. They treated me with respect and professionalism.... read more

    Daphne Jackson Avatar
    Daphne Jackson

    Great company; very professional; Shelby is very kind & helpful!

  • Anna Smith Avatar
    Anna Smith

    Love The Staff. Enjoyed working with Premier Placement steady work. I recommend anyone in property management PLEASE Made Premier Placement... read more

    Legro Naush Avatar
    Legro Naush

    One of the absolute best places I've worked. I'm wishing everyone on the team great success.

    Silvia Amaya Avatar
    Silvia Amaya

  • Kevonya Bumpus Avatar
    Kevonya Bumpus

    Premier placements is the best job I ever had. They are caring and thoughtful they deliver results they even go... read more

    Tema Campbell Avatar
    Tema Campbell

    I have been working with Premier for over six months now. The staff are very professional and knowledgeable about the... read more

    Lolita Anise Norris Avatar
    Lolita Anise Norris

    Super Friendly and Pioneers in the industry. They know the Who, What When and Where..

  • Valerie Janet Kida Williams Avatar
    Valerie Janet Kida Williams

    I have been with Premier for about 2 years. It has been a GREAT work experience. I tell everyone that... read more

    Trena Brown Washington Avatar
    Trena Brown Washington

    This is a great company to work for. They are very flexible regarding part-time or full-time work. I have... read more

    George Johnson Avatar
    George Johnson

    i have been working for Premier for over 1 1/2 years and have enjoyed working for them as a temporary... read more

  • Shaquaya White Avatar
    Shaquaya White

    I have been employed here now for a month-and-a-half and I absolutely love it. Ms. Anita and Mr. Scott Richardson... read more

    Crystal Smith Avatar
    Crystal Smith

    Best company i ever had the pleasure to work with they keep you working my process was easy and fast.... read more

    Humble Humble Avatar
    Humble Humble


  • HRO NFOT Avatar

    5 star

    Vivian Jennings-Turner Avatar
    Vivian Jennings-Turner

    Premiere is an awesome agency to work for.I enjoyed every assignment I was sent on by Ms.Anita she was like... read more

    Nancy Noonan Avatar
    Nancy Noonan

    Premier Placement meet my expectations. The level of professionalism from their team has been a wonderful experience. They will continue... read more

  • Natalie Richardson Avatar
    Natalie Richardson