In spite of the tight labor market, landing the job you want can still be a challenge. If your application makes its way to the short list, and then passes the phone screening and earns you an appointment for an interview, there’s still no guarantee that you’ll walk away with the job. These tips will help you turn that interview into a success story.

Before the Interview

  • Present an honest picture: Many companies do background checks. If your record is crystal clear, that’s great, but if you made some bad choices in the past that resulted in public consequences, be upfront about it. Most employers are good for second chances if you show your change of heart by being honest.
  • Clean up your Social Media: Keep all your social media accounts clean, well-written, and professionally active. Keep personal private stuff personal and private. Think before you post that photo.
  • If you haven’t already talked to the people you listed as references – do it now. Talk about your goals and the position you applied for which you applied. It will help them be prepared to respond in a positive light, and besides, you should have asked their permission before listing them anyway.
  • Turn the tables and research the company you’re interviewing with – do more than browse their website. Make note of their voice and style, history, company news, hiring process, etc.
  • Get directions, drive to the place ahead, make sure you know who will be interviewing you and their position.
  • Be prepared – make notes about what you want to share, include data that documents past achievements, and prepare the questions you want to ask if given the opportunity.
  • Plan your attire – wear neat, clean, well-fitted attire that is one step up from the position for which you are applying.
  • Get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy breakfast.

At the Interview

  • Begin strong – be polite and respectful to everyone you meet – from the moment you enter the business. Remember to keep eye contact and offer a firm handshake. Subconscious judgments are made in the first two minutes.
  • Be ready to answer questions with confidence. Give specific examples of how you benefitted previous employers. If you have data that shows – for example, if you helped increase a property’s occupancy or customer service reputation, be sure to present it.
  • Reveal your knowledge of the company (remember the research you did before the interview). This shows your interest in both the job and the company as a whole.
  • Communicate clearly – pause before answering, but don’t hem haw around.
  • Speak articulately. Be aware of your body language. Skip the fiddling, arm crossing, slouch, etc.
  • Be ready with questions of your own. Choose questions that reveal your interest in the job as well as how well your skills will fit the position.
  • Always express appreciation for their time at the end. Inquire about what happens next in the process and when you can expect a response.

After the Interview

  • This one is easy – send a written thank you – immediately.
  • Express your appreciation for being interviewed, reiterated why you are right for the job and what you will bring to the company.
  • Be warm, but concise and have someone proofread before sending it.

Ok – this may all seem a little intimidating, but go for it. We know you can do it. In fact, we’re looking for people like you who want to work in the apartment industry. We connect job seekers with our clients every day. If you’re seeking a position in Apartment Staffing – Maintenance, Grounds/Porters, Punch/Make Ready, Leasing, Managers, and Vendor Sales, contact us today.