Making sound decisions that empower your life isn’t easy – in fact, it’s downright challenging and sometimes scary. We get it! So, since we can all “use a little help from our friends,” here are some tips from Premier Placement to help you grow in your decision-making skills.

Determine What Decision You Are Making

It’s easy to get sidetracked by all the activity surrounding a decision, but you need to determine what is the crux of the matter. For example, you need to decide whether to overhaul your car or buy a different one. Pretty soon you’re talking about whether to buy new or used, what type of wheels you like, who’s the best mechanic in town, etc. While you will eventually have to make some of those decisions, the issue right now is repair or buy another. That’s where your focus belongs.

Don’t Let Your Opinion Close Your Mind

Confidence is wonderful, but don’t be so sure of “being right” that you aren’t willing to consider other options and opinions. Take time to:

  • Gain as much reliable information as possible
  • Consider the pros and cons of all your choices
  • Ask questions like “Where will this answer lead to a year – or more – from now?”

“How will this answer affect others?” What is the worst thing – and best -that might result from each choice?”

Seek Wise Counsel

Don’t just ask suggestions and advice from those whom you know will tell you what you want to hear. Ask advice from someone who understands what your considering and whom you respect as a sound decision-maker.

Listen to The Advice You Seek

Active listening – giving the person speaking your undivided attention – is essential.
Shut off your electronics and focus on what they are sharing. Ask them why they would choose the way they suggest. Sometimes the reason they chose A will be the same reason you don’t choose it – we all have different perspectives and personalities. Listening well gives you a clearer picture of what they are saying and ultimately helps you make a wiser decision – whether or not you chose the same path they did.

Brain Before Emotions

Yes, we all have emotions, intense likes and dislikes, dreams and desires, but don’t let them step in front of good sense. Weigh out the practical aspects first. Sometimes, you still have to follow your instinct, but going through all the previous steps and using your reasoning, guided by your intuition is not the same as just “doing what you want without thought for future repercussions.

Learn from Mistakes

No one makes the best decision every time – we all make mistakes that we wish we could undo. The key is to recognize where you went wrong, acknowledge it, and learn from it. When you use your “failures” as knowledge building blocks, your decision-making skills will continue to improve.

Your career involves many important decisions, and Premier Placements is here to help. We connect job seekers with our clients every day. If you’re seeking a position in Apartment Staffing – Maintenance, Grounds/Porters, Punch/Make Ready, Leasing, Managers, and Vendor Sales, contact us today.