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Shelby Weidler

Recruiting Genius

Sometimes you don’t know quite what you’re looking for… until you stumble right into it.

That’s how Shelby began her career in property management back in 1995. And it was a match made in heaven. Once she entered this exciting and rewarding industry, she knew she’d found her home. From leasing to bookkeeping to management duties, then on to secret shopping and ultimately industry staffing responsibilities, Shelby has followed the path before her with intrigue and enthusiasm, always hungry for the next challenge.

In 2004, she opened the doors of Premier Placements, where she’s honed her candidate-hunting skills with a little bit of corporate matchmaking savvy and a lot of dedication. Shelby finds talent, plain and simple. And she delivers the perfect fit to motivated industry clientele who are looking to grow their companies with the right hires.

Shelby’s rich and active interest in the Atlanta Apartment Association provides continuous opportunities to network and build relationships. She’s been recognized as Ambassador of the Year (2006), she’s been ranked in the Membership Committee’s top ten overall every single year from 2006 – 2010, and she’s a two-time nominee for Associate of the Year.

She’s an animal fanatic, and when she’s not dancing or making ridiculously lovely flower arrangements, you’ll probably find her brainstorming ideas for her next Halloween costume. Shelby is married and has two daughters.

Donald Weidler

Chief Financial Officer

Merging his education and background in real estate and a ten-year career spent in information technology and systems, Donald is a perfect fit for overseeing the broad spectrum of accounting, finance, information technology and human resources at Premier Placements. He’s harnessed his extensive expertise in everything from accounting to training to IT management, networking and infrastructure, and he uses his powers to develop solutions that improve efficiency and productivity.

He even wrote a custom web application used by the Premier Placements team to streamline their workflow process, giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Despite these achievements, Donald describes his role as simply implementing tools and processes that make sense.

When Donald’s not saving the day at Premier Placements, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, playing guitar and golfing.

Scott Richardson

Staffing Czar

If you need it handled, just ask Scott. He’s a multi-tasking, good-humored team member who simply likes to get things done, as evidenced by his time spent helping grandma with her interior design business while he finished school back in Iowa.

Maybe it’s his playful nature that makes Scott’s approach to work and life a fun and light-hearted one. With a genuine love for people and for building lasting relationships, Scott is easy to work with and enjoys the variety that comes with his role at Premier Placements. A self-proclaimed movie buff, Scott is always interested in meeting a new character and casting them in their desired role.

But don’t be fooled by his spirited personality. Scott takes his work seriously, too. He brings management experience, a passion for customer service, and a degree in business administration to each and every task. He’s brought that same fastidious work ethic to the Atlanta Apartment Association where he’s been involved in the Welcoming (2009-present) and New Member (2007-present) Committees, as well as selling Can-Can Ball tickets and supporting the Silent Auction Committee (2008-09).

Whatever the task, Scott is entertained by life, loves watching any kind of sport, and is bound to make your job- or candidate-search an enjoyable one.

Ellen Weissman

Corporate Relations

You might find her at the gym… or at the bookstore. You’ll definitely find her at an Atlanta Apartment Association event. But wherever you find Ellen, she’s bound to be helping people.

Ellen has a knack for making others feel comfortable, and her friendly, welcoming spirit captivates people from the start. Perhaps her time spent teaching high school English refined her quick wit and gentle guidance. Perhaps her role as account manager for Apartment Finder taught her to juggle so many things at once. Or maybe her marketing career with DeNyse Signs fueled her natural creativity, flexibility, and leadership skills.

No matter the origin, Ellen’s love for training, leading, and being generally helpful to others is unmatched. At Premier Placements, she uses these talents and others to cultivate relationships with corporate entities in the industry.

She’s been named Atlanta Apartment Association Volunteer of the Year (2009), and is a three-time Membership Drive Ambassador of the Year (2007-2009). She enjoys exercise, reading, travel, and spending time with her husband and children.

Julie Raysor

Recruiting Support Specialist

Julie Raysor is passionate about everything. She dabbled in banking, human resources and volunteerism, and bounced from New York to Ohio before taking some time off to travel with her husband. But it was her love of the warm southern sunshine that led Julie to Atlanta, where she became Premier Placements' Recruiting Support Specialist in September 2012.

A clever problem solver, Julie's a candidate's first stop en route to employment. She kicks off the screening process—reviewing resumes, searching for key attributes and pre-qualifying candidates before they make their way into the firm's sophisticated placement system. Since Julie adores interacting with new people, this role is a natural fit.

After hours, you'll find Julie baking something heavenly, digging up a native plant in her yard to move it to a sunnier spot, or dreaming of owning 100 lovable Whippets. But for now, she's got her hands full... with just two of these spritely little dogs.

Juanita Alford


While searching for an Atlanta-area apartment a few decades back, Juanita Alford scored in a chance interview with John Williams, founder of Post Properties. That chance interview landed her a job as a leasing consultant and kick-started a rigorous 35-year career in our ever-changing industry.

Hailing from the small town of Swainsboro, Georgia, Juanita felt right at home in the family atmosphere of Post, where she was a regional for an impressive 17 years. After a short break, Juanita has once again found that same sense of family with Premier Placements. And she brings with her an extensive track record of success.

After spending more than three decades knee-deep in this demanding arena, you might expect Juanita to have become a little numb. But she's not. She still exudes the same bright-eyed exuberance for which she was known at the start. She loves what she does!

She values relationships, and she's perceptive. After playing Recruiter twice in this industry on the owner-side, she's now recruiting among Premier's finest. To Juanita, helping play matchmaker between employer and employee is a serious responsibility, to be tackled with care. She finds honor in making a difference in the lives of others.

When she's not working, Juanita is content relaxing on the patio with her husband—watching the flowers grow—or playing with her grandson.

Anita Acree

Staffing Coordinator

The Premier Placements team was looking for a Staffing Coordinator. But it had to be someone who could walk the walk. Someone who’d seen the business from the demanding, often chaotic perspective of the on-site manager.

Enter Anita Acree.

Anita now spends her time managing a diverse network of temporary workers placed by the Premier team. It’s a lot to juggle, but not for this mother hen. She’s a natural coach, and she thoroughly enjoys honing her relationships with placement candidates and clients alike. She’s a self-proclaimed motivator, and her decades of management expertise make her an excellent judge of each candidate’s potential success in any given role.

Just think of her as a seasoned camp counselor with a special knack for 'workplace matchmaking' (in a professional sense). She’s cheering you on during your very best day at work, and she’s talking you down from the ledge on your most challenging day at work. No wonder so many folks playfully call her Mom!

Anita’s family is key in her life, and the decision to join Premier was made, in part, to create more space for her loved ones in an already jam-packed schedule. In her down-time, she’s involved with a children’s ministry, with athletics coaching (alongside her husband), and—like all great parents—she’s involved in anything her kids enjoy, from dance to baseball.

“... professional, reliable, and has a great reputation in the Atlanta Apartment Association.” —Audrey Grant-Lott


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